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Corporate Healthcare

Private Medical Insurance is one of the most important tools for reducing employee absenteeism and aiding employee retention. The advantages of choosing when, where and with whom treatment is arranged can be invaluable for forward planning. It is therefore imperative that you utilise a specialist and experienced intermediary.

Our consultants are acknowledged as some of the leading healthcare experts on Group Private Medical Insurance, and have a wealth of experience in dealing with small, medium and many well known UK organisations. We provide clear and impartial advice on a wide range of employee health and welfare issues based upon the individual requirements of the company.

We take the time to ensure that we understand your business requirements and corporate strategy, providing solutions which meet your needs. We will explore all of the many options available and use our knowledge to design a unique plan specifically for you.

Almost invariably we can negotiate more competitive terms than those in place before our involvement.

Additional Products

  • International Private Medical Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Health Screening

Individual Healthcare

Private Medical Insurance for individuals is not designed to replace all the services offered by the NHS, but it can help to reduce the waiting time for which NHS treatment has such a poor reputation.

However, there has been such an explosion in the number of healthcare policies available in recent years that the choice can be bewildering. We will design an individual package for you and your family to suit your budget.

We can also provide specific advice to members of company schemes who may be leaving or retiring.

Dental Plans

As it gets harder and harder to register with an NHS dentist, patients are finding themselves travelling long distances for even a basic check-up. Private Dental Insurance gives employees the option of finding a dentist close to home or work, reducing the disruption caused by staff taking time off to attend dental appointments.

Dental Plans can be offered as a stand-alone benefit or as bolt-ons to existing Private Medical Insurance policies.

Dental cover represents a tangible benefit that employees are reminded of several times a year and provides peace of mind that comes from knowing that you wonít be hit with a massive bill.

In some ways, it may be perceived as a greater benefit to the average employee, whilst costing the employer relatively little.

Cash Plans

A Health Cash Plan is an inexpensive policy that pays cash sums towards the cost of a wide range of treatments. With low cost premiums, it offers affordable health cover for everyday requirements.

Most plans include payments toward in-patients hospital treatment, specialist consultations, routine optical and dental treatment, physiotherapy and maternity, amongst other things.

A Cash Plan has the advantage of not requiring a medical before joining. Children are usually included free of charge and premiums do not increase with age.

There are a large number of low-cost products available and Reich Healthcare can help you find the best one to meet your requirements.

Stress Counselling

Many employers recognise the increased prevalence of stress amongst their employees and its impact in the workplace.

In response to this, Reich Healthcare can arrange a 24 hour confidential counselling and advice line that provides access to professional help on a range of issues including stress-related, legal, medical, monetary and lifestyle problems.

Our services are free and without obligation. Making the right choice is an important decision for your business - our involvement can only be to your benefit... Remember you have nothing to lose.